Since 2001, I have written a bi-monthly column on life issues in the East Tennessee Catholic newspaper.  Recently I learned my column was being cut “to make room for some new voices.”  I was disappointed because I still felt like I had more to say.
I’ve often felt that I should have a blog.  I’m a writer and I have lots of opinions, so why not?  I’ve tried a couple of times over the years put never made it to a second post.  But I think this time is going to be different.   What I’m planning is to take a couple of different ideas for blogs that I’ve had in the past and combine them.  I’ll still write about life issues–which most often has meant abortion in the past, but also includes war, the death penalty, assisted reproductive technology, contraception, and more–but I have other issues I want to talk about as well.
So you may read about abortion one day, and the history of Knoxville the next.  One day I’ll write about being the mother of five, including three teenagers; the next I might rant about my theories on education for awhile (my family will no doubt be glad that I’ve found a new outlet for my occasional rants!).  Because I am so busy, I will flesh the blog out by rerunning old columns that I still think are topical.
So, welcome!  Please join right in and comment–because a blog is no fun if you feel like you are talking to yourself.


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