The poison ivy saga continues.  Lorelei and William are covered in it.  I now have patches all over my body, doubtless from clingy Lorelei’s little hands since there is no way the actual ivy touched me in most of these spots! 
To add to the fun, I also have enormous itchy welts–probable twenty or more–on both legs.  For years now I have smugly watched little mosquitoes eat other family members alive while they mostly ignored me.  Even when they did bite me, the little welts were gone by the next day.  “Whatever happened to those big mosquitoes from when I was a little girl?” I used to say.  “You know, the ones that left huge bites that lasted for days?”  Well, now I know where they went.  They came here. 
Last night, I was actually waked up by a bug of some kind buzzing in my hair.  God only knows what that was.
Nature is waging a war against us this Spring.  And Nature is winning.


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