The view through my kitchen window

My beautiful old Victorian house had the original double-hung windows.  But most of them were stuck, painted, or even epoxied shut!   Even when we managed to pry one open, most of the ropes that held the counter weights had broken long ago.  So we had to prop them up with whatever was handy and hope they stayed that way.
Our new house originally had crank out windows but only one of those remains.  They were recently replaced with sliding windows that can also swing out to be cleaned.  I don’t like curtains and we don’t need them for privacy, so the house is always flooded with light and views of green and growing things.  Best of all, they are easy to open and close.
We have some portable air conditioning units but so far the weather has been so pleasant that we’ve only had to use one occasionally.  Instead I get to enjoy cool breezes, the sound of rainfall, and the wonderful aroma of honeysuckle.


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