O.K., here is a Bad Mother confession:  I have not put any pictures of my kids in albums since #3 was brand new.  He is now 15.  There is a large box next to my desk full of picture envelopes, and it’s not the only box I have.  So I think I will turn a negative (disorganization) into a positive (inspiration) by occasionally randomly picking up an envelope and uploading a picture or two to write about.  Here are a few for today:

I just love that picture!  This was taken in the breezeway of our first house, in South Knoxville.  What a great house and a great neighborhood.  But we were outgrowing it by this time–there were six of us and it was only 1400 square feet!
My grandmother bought that swing when Emily was a baby, and it got a lot of use.  I can tell by looking at Baby William that this was taken in the Fall of 2001, and Emily was nine, Jake six, Teddy five, and William about seven months.
One last funny thing–I have no idea why that ladder was in the front yard, but guess where it is now?  The front yard of this house!  And again, I have no idea why!

Isn’t that a sweet picture?  Taken the same day as the prior shot, it shows Emily helping Jake, who was in kindergarten and just learning to read.

Last one for today.  This was taken on one of our picnics at Metcalf Bottoms.  See what a chunk William still was at that point?  Now he is a slim little boy.
Almost nine years since these pictures were taken–time really does fly.  I like having teenagers most days.  But I’m glad I still have little kids too.


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