Pictured above is the Weigel’s on Fox Lonas, a frequent post-school stop for our family.  We are also daily–or more–patrons of the Weigel’s at the corner of Morrell and Northshore.  It’s one of the perks of moving–for the first time in several years (since our favorite drive-through Weigel’s on Whittle Springs shut down) we have ready access to the cheapest and best milk in town and all the Icees we can drink!
When she was four years old, Emily famously remarked, “When I am grown up I will say bad words, cut with knives, and go inside Weigel’s.” Our go-to Weigel’s in those days was on Gleason Road, across from Tiffany Square Apartments where we lived then.  Then, as now, we were frequent visitors, yet I realized that day that Emily had never been inside.  How could that be?
Simply, it’s a pain taking a small child in and out of a car seat for a quick stop.  The parking places at Weigel’s are right by the windows, and the whole storefront is mostly glass, so I never thought twice about leaving my kids in the car while I ran in for five minutes.
And I still don’t.  I did not have to become a reader of Free Range Kids to know that stranger abductions are way rarer than lightning strikes and that the most dangerous thing I can do with my kids is take them for a ride in the car.  But it seems that most people have bought into the myth of stranger danger and the fear that goes along with it.  I realized today that the strangers I fear are the misinformed judgmental ones who might question my decision to leave my nine- and five-year-olds in the car this morning while I ran into the Weigel’s.


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