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  1. Tara Halstead

    Boric acid is the best way to kill ants and not use “bad” (as in bad for people and pets) chemical pesticides – I use it every spring when the little black ants show up (“sugar ants”, “piss ants”). It also kills roaches, earwigs, and other insects you don’t want in the house. Plus it’s safe around children and pets. And it’s cheaper than an exterminator service (boric acid about $4-$6 at hardware stores like Ace or Lowes).
    Recipe: 1 tablespoon of boric acid, 1 teaspoon of sugar, 1/2 cup water, cotton balls, soda bottle caps
    Mix boric acid, sugar, and water in a bowl. Dip cotton ball in mixture or fill bottle cap with mixture. Place in paths of ants. “Refresh” cotton balls and bottle caps if they dry out. For really bad ant problems you can put a 3:1 boric acid:sugar mixture (no water) right into the bottle caps for the ants.
    Once the ants carry back the boric acid/sugar to the queen and feed her and she dies, the ant problem should stop.

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