My favorite part of going on vacation is getting away from housework, cooking, dishes . . . all of the everyday chores that cannot be put off or ignored.  When I am at home, if I am not doing those things, I am feeling guilty about not doing them.  The only way I can escape the chores or the bad feelings is by leaving town!
One chore I can never, ever escape, however, is laundry.  With seven family members, laundry has to be done on vacation, whether because some of us don’t have enough clothes to last the whole time or due to space limitations.  Happily, our usual motel is located right next door to a grocery store at which I can buy soap and a clean, safe laundromat (unlike the one I was using last year when my dryer was broken, at which someone was later murdered in the parking lot!).
So I do laundry one day on vacation but I don’t mind, since it gives me a chance to spend time alone, something in short supply when a family of seven shares two motel rooms!


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