I’m still here.  I still have a lot to say.  I am not finished with Liturgical Music “Week,” and I will respond to the many thoughtful comments I have received lately.
However . . .
In the next two weeks, I have to

  • help Emily get her things together and transport her back to Spring Hill (or John does–we are arguing about it);
  • buy EVERYTHING the kids need for school (uniforms, shoes, underwear, school supplies–EVERYTHING);
  • launch Lorelei into kindergarten (she has never been away from me);
  • learn all about a new school;
  • deal with registrations for two schools;
  • help Jake and Teddy get back on schedule and on the right track for KCHS;
  • get into the swing of a new football season;
  • complete the homeschool registration process for William;
  • locate and organize all the homeschooling books, which are still packed in boxes in the sweltering garage.

There’s more, I know there’s more, and that’s only the school stuff.  I still have to work with John, and do dishes and laundry, and figure out how I am going to keep the house even a little bit clean without Emily’s help, and get shots for these kittens, and make some doctor appointments, and shop for and prepare food . . . it is not making me feel better writing it all down!
Believe me, I’d rather blog.  And for all kinds of reasons I cannot wait until August is over.


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