Roll Call

This has certainly been a busy week or so on the blog, according to my stats even if not evident in the comments.  I owe most of the new traffic to posts I made on my friend Katie‘s blogs (and to those of you who came here first, you should go read her, because she is a gifted writer).  So, anyway, welcome to any new folks and I hope you decide to stick around.
I would love to know who is here, what brought you to my blog, and what you think of it.  Please introduce yourself in the comments.  Please?  Because if no one comments after I say that, I will feel  bad. 😉

0 thoughts on “Roll Call

  1. Miss K.

    Hi Leslie! I am a recent convert, mom of three. Freelance musician, among other things. Since I have come from outside the Catholic church, I am fascinated by how different the music is from the Protestant (mostly Lutheran) church services I have experienced over the years. I ran across your blog when I was reading the “First Things” list of the 10 worst hymns. You could call me a “reform of the reform” type person, but I don’t see too much of that in action where I live.
    I enjoy your blog, and admire the fact that you make time to keep it up.
    Good luck with all your school stuff! My to-do list seemed long until I read yours.

    1. I am thrilled to have you here, Miss K., and am sorry it is taking me so long to respond to comments (and to finish the liturgical music “week”–I still plan to! Now that we are more or less on a schedule for school, I hope to get back in my groove. I hope you will continue to read and to comment; your perspective will be enriching.

  2. Amy Wilson

    Hey, Leslie! I stick around because of your writing skills. It’s refreshing to read articles that are intelligent. Another perk? The words are spelled correctly and the grammar is perfect lol! It’s always fun to read about what’s on your mind. 🙂

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