Thanks to anyone who has actually stuck with me over this long hiatus.  I have been incredibly busy and although my goal is to find a way to blog daily, I’m not sure where I am going to find the time!
A quick update:  Jake and Teddy had their first full day as Junior and Sophomore, respectively, at KCHS, on Friday.  Emily returned to her Sophomore year at Spring Hill College over the weekend and started classes Monday.  Lorelei’s first full day of kindergarten at Sacred Heart Cathedral School was yesterday.  And William and I started homeschooling this morning. 
So now we have  a new schedule which involves me driving Lorelei to school, then working with William, then doing the office work, then picking everyone up from school, and later from football, while continuing to answer the phones and sandwich in some housework, laundry, and cooking.  I’m missing the extra sleep I enjoyed this summer but reveling in the cooler temperatures.  I’m thinking I will try to blog in the evenings before I go to sleep (which I really need to do earlier!).
So.  I will do my best to produce an interesting post this evening, so check back tonight or in the morning!  And thank you again for pateintly waiting on me to sort all this beginning of the year stuff out!


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