Today on Facebook, Mothering Magazine asked readers to comment on the worst messes their kids ever made.  Now, my kids make messes daily but I knew immediately that the worst one ever had been made–of course–by Jake and Teddy when they were toddlers.
It was right before Christmas and I had been to the grocery store to stock up on the baking supplies necessary to make sugar cookies and 24 loaves of apple cinnamon bread.  Daily life goes on, even at Christmastime, and before I could bake I had laundry to do.  In our first house, our laundry facilities were in our unfinished basement, down a steep flight of dangerous stairs, so I left my toddlers in the kitchen behind the sturdy gate.
In my absence, Jake and Teddy got into the refrigerator and liberated four sticks of butter from their wrappers, then greased the floor as if preparing to bake cookies on it.  Then they cracked all 24 eggs on top of it.  Have you ever tried to soak up a couple of raw eggs?  Imagine trying to get up two dozen.   Yes, it’s funny now.  Then, I yelled until I lost my voice.
I thought I couldn’t imagine a worse mess, but other Mothering readers had some pretty bad ones, many of them involving diaper contents or permanent markers, so all in all I think I am thankful Jake and Teddy’s mess only involved foodstuffs.


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