So, I really meant to get back on a regular blogging schedule for the new year, and I was doing pretty well.  My last post, however, was January 20, and that’s when I got sidetracked.  Because late that evening I became an aunt again!  This is Leo.  Isn’t he beautiful? 
Leo’s parents have other kids at home who wanted their Daddy to stay with them.  So guess who got to stay overnight in the hospital to help with the baby? 🙂   I love the hospital and I found the sofabed quite comfy, so I was happy to oblige.
And after Leo came home, of course I have been visiting whenever I can, and that is where my blogging time went.  He is the sweetest baby in the world.  He never cries.  When he is hungry he just tries to put his hands in his mouth.  He really is the ideal baby–fits in without disrupting the pattern of the household.
Here is a picture of him with Teddy (who was a little reluctant at first but ended up holding him for quite awhile) and with Lorelei (who wants to hold him every time she sees him–for about three minutes, tops).


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