Drama was my “thing” in high school.  I landed a starring role as a freshman and was involved with every production until graduation.  I’d been involved in theatre in grade school as well, and at one time was planning on being an actress when I grew up.
But I felt intimidated by the theatre scene at Georgetown.  I did not pursue my high school interests in drama and writing in college, but instead focused on new areas.  I told myself I was broadening my horizons, but really I was just scared and shy.
When my mother said that the next project she would be spearheading in the community organizing she does for FISH Hospitality Pantries would be a dramatic production, taking an onstage role never crossed my mind.  As usual, my role was to write grant proposals to raise money for the project.  My mother wrote the play, my sister Anne wrote several original songs and signed on as accompanist, my sister Betsy joined the cast–Mother even recruited my son Jake to play a pantry volunteer.
But then one of the participants–someone with a major role–dropped out of the play, and my mother asked if I would step in.
Now the truth is I was thrilled to have a chance to get back on stage.  But I really really REALLY don’t have the time for this, especially right now, with school starting this week!  I know my lines, but I have never been so unprepared for the start of school.  I am behind in my work as John’s assistant.  I have abandoned my husband and children pretty much for over a week, since we’ve been practicing between five and six hours a day to get ready.  I’ve been having a ball, but I will be glad when it’s over!
Local readers, please consider including “The Hungry Heart” in your plans this weekend!  It’s truly a moving story, it’s all based one real life happenings in the lives of the volunteers and guests at the FISH Northwest Hospitality Pantry, and the songs are wonderful!  You can get the details here, and you can learn more about what it means to be a Hospitality Pantry here.


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