Knox County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Brad Hall called Yolanda Harper and Russell Houser “Good Samaritans.”  Katie Allison Granju called them predators. who gave her son Henry the drugs that led to his fatal overdose.
Knoxville News Sentinel commenters called Katie a nutcase who was looking for someone to blame for her own parenting failures.  Katie replied that she was not a perfect parent, and that her son had made mistakes, but that she wanted to make sure what happened to him did not happen to anyone else’s beloved child.
An assistant District Attorney said Katie should shut up, and even commenters on her personal blog said she should move on.  Katie vowed never to stop seeking justice for Henry.
Katie wasn’t crazy, and Harper and Houser were no Good Samaritans.  Yesterday the pair were indicted on felony drug charges and taken into custody–based on activities they continued in the months after Henry’s death.  The Knoxville Police Department did what the KCSO would not–they listened to Katie and followed the leads she provided.  They conducted a professional and thorough investigation, and now our community is a safer place.
Thank you, Katie, for your advocacy for your son and by extension for all vulnerable children.  Thank you, KPD, for doing your job and doing it well.  And thank you to those of you who have read and shared my posts on Henry and his mother’s quest for justice.  It’s a happy day for all of us.


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