And with your spirit!
Yesterday was my first chance to experience the new Roman Missal (I was driving Emily back to school post-Thanksgiving last Sunday). You might expect I’d have a lot to say about the new translation, but you’d be wrong. (Oh, I have things to say, just not about the TRANSLATION!)
I am not a theologian (a minor in Theology from Georgetown doesn’t count).  I am not a scripture scholar.  I am not a liturgist.  I am not a member of the hierarchy.  AND THE CHURCH IS NOT A DEMOCRACY.
I’m not sure how so many Catholics seemed to have missed that last point, and get all bent out of shape when the Church makes big changes without asking them first!  If you want a bigger say, there are other denominations that offer that.  They don’t offer the Sacraments, though, so take your pick.
I don’t like change any more than the next person.  In fact, I probably like it less.  But I have plenty to handle when it comes to my own life without trying to run the Church as well.  As Catholics, we are supposed to be obedient.  We are supposed to believe that our Church is directed by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  I’ll question secular authorities any time, but when it comes to the Church, I start from the position that 2,000 years of tradition counts for something.  I’d like to think that at least some of the theologians presiding over these changes are as smart or smarter than I am and certainly know way more about this than I do.
Has anyone else noticed that many of those who are protesting the changes the most never showed any sympathy for the folks who mourned for the Mass in Latin and pushed for its revival?  I’ve always wondered what it must have been like to undergo that transition.  Surely it must have been painful for many, and from all accounts the people in the pews were not properly prepared for the changes.  That mistake has not been repeated this time.  We’ve been hearing about these changes for years and have had them explained in the Catholic press, from the pulpit, in the bulletins.  Classes have been offered to those who want to know more.  If you didn’t know what was coming and if you still don’t understand why it happened, you just haven’t been paying attention.


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