For twelve years, I wore a uniform every school day–plaid jumpers, little red ties, knee socks, button downs, penny loafers, kilts–the whole Catholic schoolgirl thing.
And I loved it.
When I started college, I would panic every morning and wish for my uniform.  It was so stressful to have to pick matching outfits each day!  It cost so much to buy all those clothes, even stretching the budget by sharing clothes with my roommate!  I took to puzzling out my ensembles the night before to save time in the morning.
For the past several years I’ve gone back to wearing uniforms.  Only now I wear a mom uniform.
For some years, my cold weather uniform (which my mother labeled “eccentric”) consisted of hiking boots, thermal underwear, an Irish sweatshirt discarded by my daughter, and a long black tiered skirt (purchased at Wal-Mart on clearance for $5 about ten years ago).  The skirt also figured into the warm weather uniform, with different shoes and shirts (three, all the same style, in different colors).
My husband and children hate this skirt.  The seams began to separate some time ago and I’ve had them resewn twice.  To their chagrin, I had the skirt with me (to wear over my bathing suit at the hotel) when the house burned down.  The hiking boots were in the basement–I have no idea why–and so they were the only article of my clothing saved from the house.
I am wearing the skirt right now, along with an eggplant colored sweatshirt and black tennis shoes.  This is my new mom uniform, although the skirt has reached such a frayed condition that I can’t really wear it in public any more.  This is what I put on every morning to drive people to school and then wear till shower time.
I’m still really short on clothes since the fire.  It’s not high priority to me, although I am attempting to look slightly less frumpy AFTER shower time each day.  But I’m not relinquishing the skirt till it disintegrates!
Do you have a mom uniform?  Tell me about it in the comments!


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