Just a mini-rant here . . . does everyone else hate it as much as I do when you are sitting in the pediatrician’s office waiting with your kid and the nurse walks in and says, “Are you mom?”  I want to scream!  I want to say, “No, I am not mom, I am Mrs. Sholly to you.”
I’m sitting here in our home office right now listening while my husband participates in a Child and Family Team Meeting by phone for one of his clients in Juvenile Court.  The mother in the case is present, and all the people at the meeting keep addressing her as “Mom.”  It’s SO disrespectful.  Every time I hear it I want to scream on her behalf.  They know her name; why can’t they use it?
My little kids have an awesome dentist whom I like for all sorts of reasons, but one that really stands out is that on the first day I met him, he walked into the office, stuck out his hand, and said, “Hi, my name is Drew.”  It’s pathetic that it’s no rare for a doctor to do this that it’s worthy of comment.
What about you?  Does this irritate you?  Do you say anything or just let it slide?


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