Remember when I wrote about how much I hated getting so old that now I have to wear glasses?  Perhaps you will be surprised to know that I now have five pairs!  No, I did not become independently wealthy.  Here’s what happened.
I was really happy with my reading glasses from  And not just because I got them for free.  I keep them on my nightstand, and every night I lie in my new bed on my new sheets with my little book light and read.  It is seriously a highlight of my day.

I’m going to tell you now about more ways to get inexpensive glasses.  I am not getting compensated for this.  I know that a pair of broken glasses is a serious problem for friends with no or limited insurance, and I hope this helps.
For many years now I’ve been a member of MyPoints, which is an internet shopping rewards program.  Every day I get emails from them.  If I look at the email and click the link I get five points.  If I actually buy something, I get a lot more.  Usually, to be honest, I click and then close the resulting window as soon as it opens.  I’ve earned many $50 gift cards over the years doing this and using their links when I do shop online.
One day I took a second look at one of the offers because they were offering free glasses.  All I had to do was pay $6.95 shipping, and lo and behold, I had a second pair of reading glasses, courtesy of  I keep these on the shelf above my computer.  I don’t absolutely need them, but sometimes at night when my eyes are tired, or I have to read a file with small print, I put them on.

I figured I was all set until I got another email, this one for  It was the same basic deal, and when this pair arrived, I put them in my purse.  No more struggling to read menus in dimly-lighted restaurants!  No more holding the hymnal so far from my face at Mass that my arms got tired!
Just last week I got one more pair.  Same deal from Goggles4U.  Only this time I uploaded the distance vision part of my prescription.  I’ve going to keep that pair in the kitchen so if I want to see something across the room or out the backdoor more clearly, they will be right there.
As for my expensive bifocals, they live in the car, where they work equally well for helping me see at night and reading small print on my iPhone when I am waiting to pick up kids.

How cool is it that I can have glasses wherever I need them without having to pay very much or even carry them around with me, taking the chance I will forget them or lose them? (You still won’t see me with them on in public, though, unless you look quick!).


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