Except it isn’t, not really.  It isn’t even Advent yet.  Once upon a time I might have complained about the onslaught of Christmas when Thanksgiving is barely over, but no more.  I used up all my indignation fussing about people putting up decorations right after HALLOWEEN.
Since the rest of the world, it seems, is ready to celebrate, we headed downtown for the lighting of the downtown Christmas tree.  This is part of Knoxville’s Christmas in the City celebration, and our family has been attending this event since long before it became cool to do so.
I remember pushing Jake and Teddy around downtown in their double stroller, when we were almost the only people brave enough! to venture downtown at night, even for free doughnuts and eggnog.  This year we drove completely through one parking garage without finding a single space.  Market Square and Krutch Park were overrun with revelers, both those who came for the tree lighting and those who were eating at the restaurants and shopping in the stores, none of which were there when the boys were babies.
I’m glad for the success of downtown.  But I’m still a little nostalgic for the days when its awesomeness was a secret known to only a few of us.


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