Not This Woman’s Issue

If you’re on Facebook you can’t escape knowing that today’s the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  If you have a diverse group of Facebook friends like I do you’ll have seen a bewildering array of contradictory posts, some commemorating the day as a tragedy, others as a triumph.

Well, I’m assuming by now you know how I view this anniversary.  And I’m here to speak for the women, who, like me, don’t think the unlimited right to abortion is something to celebrate, and who are tired of hearing that “reproductive rights” is the number one women’s issue.

For want of a better way to describe myself, I’ll say I am a pro-life Democrat.  I’m intelligent and well-educated, neither a religious fanatic nor a “right wing nut-job.”  And I don’t call abortion a women’s issue–I call it a civil rights issue.  Which means that it should be of concern to EVERYONE, not just women.

It’s a constant source of amazement (and distress) to me that people who agree with me about almost EVERYTHING else–attachment parenting, gun control, social programs, all that “bleeding heart liberal” stuff–part ways when it comes to protecting the unborn, the most helpless and voiceless of all.


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  1. I consider abortion to be a bodily autonomy issue. Would you allow the government to take your lung to save another with out your say? Why would you let the government force a women to donate her body to a fetus? To something that doesn’t even haven sentience yet. Both situations do permanent physical damage. My body will not ever be the same as before the birth of my son. I will have scares & loosened ligaments for the rest of my life. And I’m one of the lucky ones. I didn’t get eclampisa or other serious issues.

    1. Well, the thing is that the fetus didn’t ask to be there. It’s not some kind of invader like in Alien. The woman has to do something to cause it to be there. She gave up her bodily autonomy when she made the choice to have sex.

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