So I’m doing NaBloPoMo again, but this week has been kind of crazy (seriously, who am I kidding and what week hasn’t been crazy?) so that I’m even failing on the “Facebook gratitude game.”  This week looks to be another crazy ones so the posts may be short and written close to midnight, but I’m going to do my best to pop out one a day for the month of November (there aren’t any rules on how long they have to be!).
So taking a leaf from last year’s book, today’s offering is a short tribute to Halloween.
First, William.  Jake bought him this mask (it’s a Predator) and he was delighted, although he had to take it off to see between houses!)
william predator
Lorelei was a “ninja zombie.”  Her costume was completely her own creation; I did her makeup but under her strict instruction!
Lorelei zombieI was proud of myself for getting the pumpkins carved a day in advance.  Heck, I was proud of myself for getting actual pumpkins since there have been years on which I procrastinated so badly that there were no pumpkins to be had!  This year I only had to carve two.  Emily carved her own.  There were years when I was frantically carving five on Halloween afternoon.  (Why do my kids each have their own pumpkin?  We had ONE in our family.  And why do they have to be so freaking creative on the design? We had the same basic Jack O’Lantern every year of my life and were delighted with it!)
pumpkinsFinally, last night John and I were downtown where Halloween fun was still going on even after the fact.  There were people in costume everywhere, which tends to make me nervous.  Then on Market Square we saw the most horrible thing ever, and I took its picture so you can be as terrified as I was.
horrible thing
Please tune in tomorrow and every day for the rest of November and cheer me on as I attempt to provide posts with more words in them.  🙂


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