This is one of those nights when the ONLY reason I am writing a blog post is because of NaBloPoMo.  I am busy and sleepy and not feeling particularly inspired.  The space in my head normally devoted to dreaming up things to write about, refining them throughout the day till almost all I have to do is sit down and type, has been full of other stuff today.
That’s because Lorelei turns nine on Sunday, and all my thoughts are currently directed toward TWO birthday parties which are scheduled for that day.  The cleaning, cooking, shopping and other preparations are all-consuming.  Not that she isn’t worth it.  But still.
So I hope you can be satisfied this evening with the above and a few pictures of the almost-birthday girl.
lovely loreleilorelei pumpkin2013-07-10 17.01.00-2Spa Bathlorelei cat

Lorelei in my bed with her kitten, Pepper.

Lorelei in my bed with her kitten, Pepper.

Lorelei thinks she's a college girl

Lorelei thinks she’s a college girl


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