A Busy Birthday

So my baby girl turned NINE today!  Lorelei wanted to have a party for some of her school friends, and she came up with the theme on her own:  a “fashion” party.  The main event was manicures and makeovers provided by her big sister, followed by a pinata, then gifts and refreshments.
Here are the little girls post-makeovers:
LBday 1Here is the aftermath of a particularly violent encounter between an innocent doggie pinata, some little girls, and a croquet mallet:
LBday 7LBday 8
After the little girls went home, I had to finish making the cake for the family party that was to happen just two hours later.  The cake was a simple variation of buttermilk pound cake with buttercream icing, dyed peacock colors per Lorelei’s request.
LBday 9Lorelei had a pretty good pile of loot!
LBday 10Then it was time to make a wish!
LBday 15And now I am exhausted.  Good night. 🙂

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  1. Ellen Roddy

    What a great idea for her party! Remember parents are still on even when tired. My boys used to come in and talk when I had just climbed into bed to read. I still treasure those memories. They were sharing their day with me. They even had order to it. First Tim, then Mike and finally Bob’s brother.

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