Y’all, I am over the moon to have made this list today!  I have been reading Katie Allison Granju’s blog for years–certainly it was the first blog I ever read, after going on a hunt for more of her writing because I had enjoyed her column in the Metropulse, Knoxville’s alternative weekly, so much.  Katie is what I’d call an A-list blogger, so I am incredibly honored that she likes my writing, perhaps especially because of the occasional big differences in our perspectives.
I know from prior experience that I can expect some new visitors today, so if you were directed here by Katie’s blog, welcome and thank you for coming!  I have posted links to a few of my favorite posts below.  I hope you will check them out and come back again soon.  I am participating in NaBloPoMo so there will be new content every day this month (something I sadly cannot always say!).
In no particular order:
What’s a Catholic Voter to Do
Things I Know:  Raising Teenagers
On Losing Everything
Things I Am Afraid to Tell You
Lifelong Marriage:  Not for the Faint of Heart
If I have time I may add more later but for now it’s time to run Lorelei into school two hours late due to a power outage.   It’s always something. 🙂


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