OK,y’all, I know this is lazy, but the thing is, it’s a quarter till midnight, and I have to do something quick, and besides my daughter tagged me with this and I want to oblige her.
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1. If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be and why? (If you already do, what is it and the story behind it?)
I’ve been warned that I cannot say I would never get one even though I totally never would and anyone who knows me knows that. So if I were forced to be tattooed I suppose I would choose some meaningful quotation, probably “Faith is constant assurance concerning what we hope for and conviction about things we do not see.” Only that’s really long, so I guess it would have to go on my back or something. Which is kind of pointless, if you think about it.
2. If you could pick one fictional world to live in, what would it be?
Middle-Earth. I would live in the Shire and be a happy hobbit, and go with Bilbo to Rivendell to visit the elves now and again.
3. Is there a quote or saying that sums up your philosophy of life?
The second question in the Baltimore catechism: “Why did God make me?” “To know Him and love Him and serve Him in this life, and to be happy together with Him in the next.” (I think I got that right–I’m a post-Vatican II Catholic after all.)
4. If you had to pick a song to perform live onstage in front of a huge crowd, what would it be?
A church song of some kind. For whatever reason, in my opinion, those are what my voice is best suited for.
5. Do you have any items you would consider “lucky” or that you have a superstition about?
Not anymore. Since they all burned up. Which means they weren’t really so lucky, I guess. I used to have a little token a friend of mine embroidered for me that I carried in every spelling bee that I was in. It said, “God Bless you with words,” and I used to chant that in my head while I waited for my turn to spell.
Tagging: here’s where I break the rules. I’m not tagging anyone, although anyone who reads this is welcome to answer these same questions. No one ever responds when I tag them in these things.

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