I’m tired and still have work to do this evening, so I’m going to begin a two-parter:  mostly pictures of my garden today, and then a post about gardening tomorrow.  I hadn’t seriously gardened in a long time–years, really–but this year I have been trying to do more things that make me happy.  I’d forgotten how happy gardening made me until I started doing it again!
Here’s my garden right now, with a few things added for winter, and a few others still blooming despite at least two hard frosts.
2013-11-14 08.31.23Garden 2Garden 3
Here are some shots of how it looked when I was first getting  started.
Garden 36Garden 39Garden 37And finally, a few of how it appeared at its height.
Garden 6Garden 7Garden 10When we moved in, which was the end of September 2011, aside from the shrubs at either end of the two front beds, some mums, and a rosebush (really not a BUSH, but a climber that has no business being there) the beds were empty.  Well, except for the weeds that began to flourish as soon as Spring arrived.
Our nice neighbor across the street likes to garden, and she gave me those lilies and the tall yellow things (don’t know what they are called).  That was the only thing I planted until this year.  So everything else was added from May through October.  Not bad, huh?
What IS bad is the dirt.  As you can see, the depth of the left bed is limited by the walkway, but I’ve been extending the limits of the right one all summer.  It’s now to the point where my boys have to dig all the holes for me, because apparently the way the builders prepared the soil was to dump a bunch of gravel down–sometimes concrete too!–and throw a little dirt over it.
More tomorrow on WHY I garden, HOW I garden, and (to the extent I remember) WHAT I planted.


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