Almost twenty-three years ago, Emily arrived looking pretty much exactly like John.  He brought his own newborn picture to the hospital and several people assumed it was hers.  Great, I thought, I did all the work and he gets all the credit.  And his black hair and brown eyes would surely prove dominant every time.  I thought I’d never have a child who would look like me.

If you have enough kids, though, you can count on some variety.  Jake does look, if not like me, like my family.  “I know this baby!” my mother exclaimed when she saw him for the first time.  Teddy has blue eyes and fairer skin, but still at this point most people think he closely resembles John.  William was blonde as a small child and his eyes are green, and I’ve found that coloring confuses people when it comes to noticing resemblances, but hold up a picture of him to one of his daddy at the same age, and the similarities are clear.

Then came Lorelei.  Looking at her in the hospital, I said, “I think she looks like Mima.”  It took years before other people started to agree with me.  She has Mima’s nose is a childlike form.   But when people see her with Emily, they often assume they are mother and daughter (to Emily’s chagrin).  Childhood pictures of the two of them are very close.  And if Lorelei looks like Emily, and Emily looks like John, then Lorelei can’t look like me, can she? (And I don’t have Mima’s nose!)

Well, look at these pictures and tell me what you think.


Lorelei First Pic


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