When it starts to get chilly outside, before I leave the house you might hear my ask one of my kids to “bring me my noodle!”  And if you did hear that, you would probably think I was crazy.  So let me explain.
I buy a lot of beauty products through the mail from Yves Rocher (which I love, by the way), and most purchases come with a free gift.  A few years ago, that gift was a sort of wrap or shawl thing, off white with a fringe.  At the time, I had two beautiful long winter coats which I had had for many years, but no casual winter jacket, so I took to wrapping this shawl around me whenever I went out in cold weather.  Jake and Teddy made fun of the shawl, saying it looked like a lasagne noodle.  Pretty soon they were calling it “Mom’s noodle.”
I acquired a black wrap too, and eventually even I started referring to these garments as noodles.
It was September when our house burned down, still hot and summery, so no one thought about replacing things like coats until we started to really need them.  One of the first clothing purchases I made for myself with the gift cards I received was a black noodle with a fringe.  Someone gave be a thick ivory fleece one, I got another black one for Christmas, and then Yves Rocher sent me a brown one!   I don’t have those winter coats anymore, of course, so now my entire outerwear wardrobe consists of . . . noodles!


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