We call Emily, Jake, and Teddy “the big kids,” and William and Lorelei “the little people.” because there’s a a gap of six years between Teddy and William and there are times when it really does feel like we have two separate families. (And yes, a woman in the Kroger parking lot did once ask me if they all had the same father.  Yes she did.)
William isn’t really little anymore, and Emily, Jake, and Teddy are hardly kids!  Long gone are the years when I struggled to go anywhere or do anything with a four-year-old, a one-year-old, and a newborn.  Emily is 22 and a college graduate, Jake is 19, Teddy is 18–and their birthdays are fast approaching.  Yesterday they were kids and today they are adults.
Teddy will be home for Thanksgiving Monday.  All my big kids will be in one place.  It won’t be just like old times, but it will be good times.
Emily, Jake, and Teddy 3Emily, Jake, and Teddy.1Emily, Jake, and Teddy 2


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