I made my first Holy Communion during Advent 1974, and that was the processional song. It’s the first time I remember hearing it–at any rate it’s when I learned the words–and so hearing it this time of year has a little bit of extra significance for me!

Besides which, I love Advent. As anyone who has followed this blog knows, because I’ve said so a lot! And although I haven’t set out an Advent wreath as yet, and may or may not manage a Jesse Tree, I won’t be decorating the house for Christmas for at least two weeks, as our family savors this waiting time of year.
advent wreath
Since I have written on this topic so much in the past, I thought I would collect them all right here for those who are interested.

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And as a bonus, enjoy this rendition of O Come O Come Emmanuel:

If you celebrate Advent, tell me about it in the comments!


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