Trying to get caught up with the Catholic All Year link up!
1. Are you becoming your mother?
If I am, no one has said so yet!  I’m sure she doesn’t think so.  I am far more likely to be accused of becoming my grandmother.
2. Coffee or tea?
Who says tea?  I mean, really.  I like a glass of sweet tea as much as the next Southerner but coffee is my life’s blood.
3. What foreign country would you like to visit?
Funny you should ask, since John and I were just discussing this yesterday.  There are so many, but if we could only go once place, it would have to be Vatican City.
4. Do you cry easily?
Easily and daily, multiple times as I watch and read touching things online.
5. How often do you wear heels?
Umm . . . never?  Unless wedges count, and then the answer would be rarely.  I have flat feet and any attempt to wear heels results in my going barefooted in short order.  I have given up fashion for comfort.
6. Do you play an instrument?
I’m not sure if I’m lying if I say I play the piano.  I took lessons for five years, and I can still play a few pieces, especially Christmas carols.  I could probably do more if I practiced.  Sadly, my piano–which Mima gave me after I won the regional spelling bee–burned up when our house burned down.
And on that tragic note (HA!  See what I did there?) please play along by answering in the comments if you will, and be sure to check out the other participants by clicking the link!



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