It’s that time of the week again . . . time for Answer Me This, from Catholic All Year.
1. Do you have a land line?
Gracious, no.  Not in about two years.  I wanted to keep one, but we could never remember the number, and no one important ever called on it anyway.  So we got William a cell phone so he could call us if he was home alone, and we are now an all-cell family.
2. What is your least favorite food?
I love almost everything.  I mean, I eat rutabagas, and brussel sprouts, and cabbage, and other things most people think are yucky.  I can’t bring myself to eat liver or beets.  Beets taste like dirt to me, but I am still hoping to overcome that.
3. What’s on your summer reading list?
I don’t have a list, just a stack.  A very big stack that I add to faster than I subtract from it.  I went to McKay’s to get the kids movies today, and left with six or seven from the free bin.
4. Is there something that people consistently ask for your advice on? What is it?
A lot of people ask me for advice about a lot of things.  Top might be grammar, writing, and various other English related matters.
5. What’s the most physically demanding thing you’ve ever done?
Giving birth to my 13 lb. 5 oz. son, which was my first vaginal birth after three C-sections.
6. How do you feel about massages?
I’ve only ever had one, which was a gift from a friend when we did a spa weekend together.  It was fabulous.  If only they were free.
And there you have it!  Short and sweet.  Please visit the other posts in the linkup here, and add your own if you are so inclined!


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