Maybe (probably?) y’all have heard of Wordless Wednesday, that great blogging invention in which all you have to do is post a quick picture and then you are finished with your post for the day?  Well, this is kind of the opposite of that because I am linking up with HousewifeSpice and it’s What We’re Reading Wednesday!
what we're reading
Not that you’ll ever see me sitting in an actual chair while I read or anything like that . . . it’s more stolen moments at bed at night or standing by the bathroom sink just finishing up a chapter . . .
I read a whole book yesterday, though.  I belong to an awesome book club, and because I usually borrow the book from my hostess/next door neighbor I didn’t start reading until two hours before our meeting.  I can read really really fast, though, and honestly I’m just as glad I did not devote too much time to this:
Briefly, Ishmael is a gorilla who has become self-aware and is now using the Socratic method to  educate an unnamed seeker on the mythology of our culture and how it is leading toward the destruction of the world.  That’s very brief and very simplistic, and if I wanted to tell it well I’d need a couple of paragraphs, but not a whole book.  This is a novel in the same way that The Jungle is a novel, only with less story involved.
Before I dove headfirst into Ishmael, I had just finished this:
Reading Janice Holt Giles is a summer tradition for me from way back (more later on that, perhaps).  I hadn’t read this one in years.  Certainly Savanna bears some resemblance to Scarlett O’Hara but she’s an original character for all that and Giles’ particular talent for bringing another place and time vividly to life is unmatched.
Finally, I am about to finish up this one:
windy poplars
Of course, I’ve read it before.  Countless times, although it’s not my favorite of the Anne of Green Gables books.  Mima gave me Anne of Green Gables when I was a little girl, and bought me each book as I finished the one before it.  I’m pretty sure she told me she had read them herself as a child.  Naturally, I loved them, because who doesn’t?  So when I saw the whole set available on my last visit to McKay’s, I decided these were books I wanted to have again.
And there you have it!  What are YOU reading this week?


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