Island Home Baptist Church Cemetery

Since I’ve been spending so much time in South Knoxville lately, it made sense to make a stop at Island Home Baptist Church Cemetery. IHB 4
The church and cemetery were established in 1860, although this is not the original church building.   Many South Knoxvillians of renown (meaning that streets and schools are named for them, even if you don’t know anything else about them!) were charter members.
IHB 20
South Knoxvillians will recognize many names in this cemetery.
IHB 16
IHB 17
This is a picturesque, nicely kept cemetery, with a minimum of breakage and brush.
IHB 11
IHB 21
IHB 22
There were an unusual amount of stones with memorable epitaphs and ornamentation.
IHB 12
IHB 19
IHB 23
Y’all know how the baby graves get to me.  Especially note the last in this series.
IHB 15
IHB 13
I found this stone amusing–I suppose her name is a corruption of Perdita.  I have a great-great grandmother named Perlina, which may be a corruption of Paulina.
IHB 14
This is a good cemetery to explore because it’s attractive, and not tiny but not so big that you couldn’t look at every stone, if you wanted to.
IHB 10
IHB 18
IHB 25
Finally, it’s always a good surprise to find a relative where you least expect one!  I only spent a few minutes checking, but I’m pretty sure this lady was my fourth cousin once removed. Update:  A reader sent me the link to her photo and obituary.  She sounds like a lovely person.
IHB 24
And now I am caught up and can visit a new graveyard this weekend to share with you.

10 thoughts on “Island Home Baptist Church Cemetery

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  2. You have some very nice photos here. Thank you for sharing them.
    There are several generations of my family buried there, most of them were Simpsons, so I use to visit from time to time. Unfortunately, I have not been back in over 10 years. It good to see the grounds are still well maintained.
    Part of me wishes you’d gotten some shots of that area, other part is glad you didn’t: seeing my mom’s headstone is like sticking a knife in me heart.

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