Y’all, a couple of months ago I got a new dishwasher after having lived for almost three years with one that was . . . temperamental . . . at best.  Like things would stay in there for load after load because they just would not come clean, and there was always grit all over everything, and I had to run it empty every other load, and toward the end it only worked when it felt like it.
I know it’s so First World to complain so much about a bad dishwasher, no matter how many kids I have and how many loads I have to do in a day (two to three, to stay caught up). But it’s the little things, don’t you know, and having a functional dishwasher makes me happy every single day.
Recently, my dissatisfaction over kitchen appliances turned to the refrigerator.  Every time I’d go to the store, it would be a struggle to put all the food away.  And I missed my deep freeze, and with it the ability to buy items on sale in bulk and save them for later.  One day I was looking at the dirt on top of the refrigerator when it suddenly occurred to me that I COULD SEE THE TOP OF THE REFRIGERATOR.  How could that be?  Aren’t refrigerators supposed to be taller than that?  Suddenly I remembered having to stand on chairs to get things off the top of other refrigerators I owned.  I mentioned this to my father, a former salesman of appliances, and he was basically like DUH, that’s a tiny refrigerator.
Well, at least I didn’t feel like I was crazy anymore for not being able to fit all the groceries in there.
But now I am in appliance heaven because my father got a new refrigerator.  And when Daddy gets new appliances, guess who he offers the old ones to?
Jake and his friend David picked up the new-to-us fridge a couple of weeks ago, and moved the old one to the garage.  The new one is much taller, wider, and deeper.  It’s a side-by-side, which I’ve never had and don’t prefer, but I don’t care.  And it still won’t hold everything comfortably but HELLO I have another refrigerator in the garage.  On my last shopping trip I went to Aldi AND Food City and I was so excited knowing I would get to come home to all that space.
Oh, also it’s clean.  It won’t stay clean, of course, but we will enjoy it while it lasts.


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