I’m linking up again with This That and the Other Thing for Sunday Snippets, a weekly roundup of Catholic bloggers.
Question of the week:  With which ministries/activities within your parish are you involved?
I don’t like this question!  Once upon a time I could have written a long paragraph on this topic.  I was involved in so much, from running the Moms’ Group to serving on the Pastoral Council.  And that doesn’t even count the Diocesan activities and the parish school activities I was doing at the same time!  But that was a different season in my life and I sometimes wonder how on earth I had the time and the energy for all the things I did back then.  Still, it seems like so little so say that at the moment all I do is sing in the choir.
However, our parish has not had a choir in years.  And when we did, I had little kids who needed me in the pew with them.  I am enjoying choir so much, and am glad that THIS season allows me to be able to join in!
And now a roundup of this week’s posts, which is really easy because despite the many many posts I’ve written in my head this week, the only one that made it into print, as it were was this one:
Five Favorite Cities
Maybe this week will be better!


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