I’m linking up with This That and the Other Thing for Sunday Snippets, a weekly round up for Catholic Bloggers.
This week’s question:  Name and link to two Catholic blogs you really enjoy. If the bloggers don’t participate in Sunday Snippets, invite them to join us!
I don’t read a lot of blogs regularly, even though there are many that I like.  I just don’t have time any more.  These are a couple I stumbled across and like so much that I included them on my blogroll, even though I don’t visit every day.  You should check out Invisible Woman and Everything to Someone.
Now here’s the part where I am supposed to list my posts for the week.  But since this is the week in which I had jury duty and my son had unexpected surgery (among other things, as always), this list is short:
Walking in West Knoxville:  The Jean Teague Greenway
See you next week!


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