Finally, a week in which I can participate in Sunday Snippets, a weekly linkup of Catholic bloggers hosted by RAnn, and actually have several posts to share!
First, though, this week’s question:
Question of the Week:  Share a family sacramental memory–the cute thing the kid said, the cake at the party, you in your wedding dress, the family gathered around the baby–anything is fair game as long as it at least sort of involved a sacrament.
Here’s a fun one. First the picture, then the explanation.
Jake's BaptismThis picture was taken at the reception we had following Jake’s baptism (August 1994, when he was six months old).  Those are his godparents in the picture, and the reason they are wearing those expressions is that they just saw the little piece of paper we had tucked into each napkin, which read: “Please save the date for this same time next year for the baptism of Jake’s little brother or sister, expected in February.”  And there was yet more fun to come at this party.  John got up to make a speech, as he is wont to do.  He announced that he had just been offered a job (he had graduated from law school just months before).  Then he dropped the final bombshell, telling everyone he was planning to join the Church (something no one was expecting).  It was a big day all around.
Now on to what I’ve posted this week!
I led off the week with It’s Good to Be Insured: An Obamacare Update, sharing what a blessing this has been to our family.
Next up was Beneath the Ashes, exploring some of my lingering feelings about what we lost in the fire that destroyed our house three years ago.
Then I shared a recipe post: Low Carb Pumpkin Sausage Soup.
I wrote another installment of my series on local walks, Walking in South Knoxville: In the Homestretch.
Finally, it was back to the graveyard with The Mystery of Lebanon Cemetery.
I hope you will check some of them out!


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