As those of you who have been following me for a while know, my daughter Emily and I have been hiking the South Knoxville Urban Wilderness trails every Saturday for months, and I’ve been reviewing those trails for my readers.
I fell behind–not in hiking, but reviewing–during the Christmas/Birthday season.  I’ve written about all these trails at least once before anyway, but I still want to share the beautiful fall pictures with you.  I wish there was some safe way to hike them in the snow so I could get some winter pictures!
First up:  the trails of Ijams Nature Center.  These have been around the longest, and of course we had walked all of them many times before, from the time when I was carrying Teddy (who turned 20 yesterday) around on my back and chasing Emily and Jake.  They’ve added new trails since those days, but on this particular afternoon we were on the Discovery Trails, bringing back old memories.
Ijams 2
Ijams 1
Ijams 3
Ijams 4
Ijams 5
Ijams 6
Ijams 7
Ijams 8
Ijams 9
Ijams 10
Next up are what I call the Anderson School Trails, although the official name is Private Land Easement.  You can park either at the TWRA Dove Field off Burnett Ridge Road or at the old Anderson School for this one.
The trails themselves are somewhat more cleverly named, however.
AS 7
AS 1
AS 2
AS 3
AS 4
AS 5
AS 6
AS 8

We have enjoyed these trails so much!  I will be finishing up my final review of the Urban Wilderness trails in a couple more posts, and then hope to have new adventures to share.
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