Walking in South Knoxville: Success!

So we did it!  We hiked all 42 miles of the South Knoxville Urban Wilderness!  And we have badges to prove it:
We had just a few awkward pieces of trail to finish up to earn our badges, and we did it by walking the entire twelve-mile loop over three weekends, four miles at a time.  We are considering that as training for walking the whole 12 miles in one day, something we are planning to do in the near future.
We’ve seen the trails in every season now, and each has its charms.  I’ve always found something pretty to photograph–in fact sometimes my desire to take pictures has interfered with the keeping-my-heart-rate up part of walking!  I have a few more pictures to share with you from the main twelve-mile loop.
The first several pictures are from the section of the loop that runs through the Ross Marble area.  This section runs along Burnett Ridge and has some nice views of downtown.
Ross 2
Ross 3
Ross 4
The next several shots were taken on the Victor Ashe Trail, which runs through Marie Myers Park and ends in the View Park neighborhood.  I wouldn’t walk on this trail again if I didn’t have to in order to do the loop.  It’s almost always muddy and just not as interesting as the other trails, although the bamboo tunnel at the end is a nice touch.
Ross 5
VA 2
VA 3
VA 4
VA 5
VA 6
VA 7
The following pictures were taken along the Lost Chromosome Trail in the Anderson Schools/Private Land Easement area.
AS 1
AS 2
AS 3
AS 4
AS 5
AS 6
And these were taken in the William Hastie Natural Area.
AS 7
WH 2
WH 3
Finally, here are a few final pictures of my favorite groups of trails, in the Forks of the River Wildlife Management Area.
FOW 14
FOW 16
FOW 15
FOW 13
FOW 12
FOW 10
And that’s all, folks!  When we do the 12-mile walk, I’ll write about that, of course.  But for now we are finished with the Urban Wilderness and are ready to share other hiking adventures with you.  In fact, I’m already behind in writing about those other hikes, some in South Knoxville and some further afield.
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