More Than a Feeling  #love
Like most people, I routinely share pictures I consider to be cute or profound on my Facebook wall.  Sometimes I’m surprised by the lack of attention paid to something I found particularly noteworthy; other times one picture gets more likes than I expected.  And who knows how much any of this has to do with the value of the pictures themselves versus those mysterious and ever-changing Facebook algorithms?
Still, the picture above resonated with more people than the usual random post.  I shared it almost off-handedly–I can’t even remember whose wall I found it on–and it had been shared so many times before it got to me that I can’t find an original creator to credit it to.
I related to this picture because it conveys a powerful message about what love IS and what it ISN’T.  Love is ACTION, not FEELING.
Those romantic and mushy feelings we all enjoy at the beginning of a relationship are wonderful.  And I promise you that after 25 years I still have those feelings for my husband.  But not all the time.
The strength of your love for someone shows in how you care for them when you are not feeling mushy or romantic AT ALL.  When I’m feeling angry and resentful towards my husband and yet I still get his medicines together for him in the morning (and don’t add arsenic), that’s love.  When I wash the clothes he needs in the morning which he put in the hamper at bedtime, that’s love.  When I go outside in the rain to roll up the windows of his car, even though we just had a fight, that’s love.
If you have been married any length of time, you know these things.  If you haven’t gotten married yet, you had better learn them now.  Romance can only take you so far.  Flowers and candlelight are great and I still like them, but having the capacity and the will to ACT loving when you just aren’t feeling it is what will enable a relationship to endure.

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  1. Yes…I love that meme. It is so very, very, very true. Love is very much an action…and there have been many times I’ve made my husband’s lunch (without arsenic. LOL) even when I was angry because that is what you do.

  2. I actually shared this on my wall and had a whole conversation about it. I’ve also been married for a LONG time (24 YEARS) so I know exactly what you mean. I love my husband all the time but there are still times when I would loke to kill him!

  3. Indeed! Love the comment, and I don’t add arsenic. Ha Yes, yes been married for 26 years….been together for 31…. I know those feelings you speak of! 😏 And yet at the end of the day I always tell him, I love you. It seems most of us who are willing to accept the bad times in exchange for lasting love, can relate. Thanx for sharing

  4. So very true!! I get angry with my husband and my children. My husband gets that it doesn’t mean I don’t love him, I’m just pissed as all heck at him at that moment. But with my kids, I make sure to tell them no matter what, I always love them even if I’m not happy with them at the moment.

  5. SixPackMommy

    Timely post, because I was just explaining this concept to my 5 yr. old. Sometimes it’s easier to practice with the children rather than the spouse, but so vital on both fronts!


    One of the wonderful things about marriage is even if you are mad at each other you can put it to the side when there is a crises. You can depend on the fact that there is always someone on your side. Love the meme.

  7. I love this image, too. It’s so true. Relationships can need work, and in doing so we remember that we still love one another even when we’re cranky. I teach my daughter that constantly. A reminder so she knows that even when I’m not happy with something she did that I always love her. <3

  8. Oh how funny – the sentiment here is similar to what’s in my post today (and many I’ve written before). Very true that love is an action, not a feeling; it’s a verb, not simply a noun. And the photo is adorable. My Hub and I have a little thing we do when we’re upset with one another – we say “I love you, dammit.” It goes back to a card one of us bought at some point, but the purpose it serves is to remind us that even when things aren’t going as smoothly, we still love each other always.

    1. Love it!! Rituals like that–even fighting rituals–are good to have! Sometimes when my husband is being irritated at me he will suddenly say something ridiculous and we will just start to laugh.

  9. Jen @ Driftwood Gardens

    This is great, and one of the first things you learn after getting married. After 18 years together, Hubby and I have shown each other countless times that we love each even when angry.

  10. 1. I have TOTALLY felt like that couple in the picture – and, then I feel guilty because my husband is the one “acting” on his love while I am being silly.
    2. Thank you for this beautiful reminder, as I fretted over having nothing special planned for today!

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