That Time I Did Not Advent Right

Time to get real here, folks.  All last week I posted about Advent: Advent memories, Advent crafts, Advent Workshops, complete with Pinterest-ready graphics.  Yay me!

But the truth is, I’m failing at Advent this year, and it’s not the first time.

I wanted to buy all the Christmas gifts in November, so I could concentrate on Advent in December, but the stars (read money) did not align.  So I’ve got that hanging over my head.

While I managed to buy a chocolate calendar (not my preferred kind of calendar for Advent, but definitely Lorelei’s) we open it in spurts because we forget.

St. Nicholas came a day late.

We haven’t been able to locate the box containing the Jesse Tree ornaments and the Advent Wreath, which is probably just as well, since that would give me more things to feel guilty about not doing.

This was about three years ago when I had it so together I even had the right colors of candles!

Family commitments have meant we have already missed some of the Christmas events around town that we enjoy participating in at this time of year, and I foresee that this trend will continue.

The orange lights in the family room came down and white ones went up (thank you, Lorelei) but less-than-fresh mini-pumpkins and oddly-shaped gourds still festoon the mantel.

Do I need to mention the house is a mess, or could you have surmised that already?

I’m listening to my Spotify Advent playlists, so there’s that.

But otherwise, this is one of those years where “we observe Advent” is just a good excuse for why we are the only house on the block that isn’t already decorated for Christmas.

When this happens (yes, this is not the first time), I tell myself that there’s always next year.  But once you’ve reached that point in your life when you realize there are almost certainly fewer Advents ahead of you than there are behind you, doing it right takes on more urgency and “there’s always next year,” rings a little hollow.


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  1. My oldest daughter who usually runs the show at Christmas decorating time is on crutches this year. The younger kids were all excited to get decorating after daddy go the tree out but I didn’t have the time to go supervise when they were ready. They finally decided to go for it themselves and I figured there would be chaos, but the 12 and 9-year-old worked together better than I could have ever imagined and no one cried. Big sis is going a little crazy over the lack of perfectionism, but the younger kids are sooo proud of themselves, (and I am too).

  2. mamarabia

    I was SO READY to get going with Advent and then three days in we got behind. It’s easier to plan when I’m on Thanksgiving break, but when we come back to the reality of full time jobs and school…
    But I know we’ll get caught up and we have the proper spirit in mind. Advent is all about waiting, right? We’ll we’re waiting to get caught up!

  3. No one is as perfect as all the super bloggers with their beautiful home tours seem to suggest. I still remember the year we moved, and St. Nick did not come to our house. I had never heard of the tradition. The girls came home from their little Catholic school devastated because they were the only ones without a visit from St. Nick. I quickly told them that it was probably taking St. Nick a little longer because we had just moved. Fortunately he showed up that night- after I called around to see exactly what it was that St. Nick was supposed to do or bring!

  4. Some years are just like this. We’ve had so many changes this year and so much going on, we aren’t doing as much for the holidays either, because I just don’t have time.

  5. Ah don’t feel guilty! 🙁 It’s a very busy time of the year for everyone and you’re totally forgiven for being a tiny bit behind your schedule! Just try and enjoy the rest of this special time and keep on listening to that Spotify playlist! 🙂

    Happy holidays!


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