All I Want for Christmas Is Books, Books, Books

Even when I was a little girl who still enjoyed getting toys for Christmas, I also looked forward to receiving books.  Then as a teenager I remember enjoying Christmas night, after all the festivities were finished, finally getting to lie on the sofa to read whichever book I was most excited about receiving.

Well, that hasn’t changed.  These days, if anyone asks me what I want for Christmas, I will have a list of books ready even if I cannot come up with anything else.  Usually these are the latest installment of favorite series that tend to appear in November.  I resist the temptation to buy them myself, eagerly anticipating receiving them as gifts.

I read very fast, so I’ve already finished most of my Christmas books, and am ready to share them with you!

This is the latest of Patricia Cornwell’s novels about Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta, a series I have been enjoying and collecting for years.  Sadly, Cornwell seems to have peaked years ago, at least as far as this series goes.  Long gone are the detailed autopsies and absorbing stories I enjoyed.  While this one was better than some of her recent work, and I did enjoy it just because I care about the characters, I am tired of hearing about the same villain over and over again.  These days, all the attacks are against Kay and her family.  I’d like to see her get back to fighting criminals and being a voice for victims.  I’ll keep reading these, though.

Here’s another series and author I love, and was again disappointed with this go-round.  For one thing, I have been wondering for YEARS what the title of this book would be.  Ever since A is for Alibi Sue Grafton fans have tried to predict her titles and of course everyone could hardly wait to see how she handled this most difficult letter.  What an anti-climax.  She didn’t play by her own rules! I enjoyed the book–I still love the main character–but again it felt a bit like the author was phoning it in.  It seems like she has lost interest and is just trying to get to the end of the alphabet.  Even the way she peppered the story with unnecessary encounters with just about every one of the protagonist’s former love interests seemed forced, like a sop to fans.  Again, I’ll read the rest of these and hope that this was an anomaly because this is the first time I’ve felt disappointed in one of these.

I wrote about my desire to read this book in a very popular post last year.  While I have not yet put its principles into practice, it has definitely inspired me to declutter and tidy.  If I really end up following Marie Kondo’s method, I will let y’all know how it works out!  Unexpectedly, one thing I’ve enjoyed about it is small glimpses into Japanese culture (like offhand mentions of the problem of storing kimonos and items for tea ceremonies).  I do find myself talking about this book a lot, which tells me that parts of it resonate with me and I am being inspired to think about “things” in a different way.

Okay, so this one is a bonus.  This isn’t mine (it’s Emily’s) and it wasn’t a Christmas present (she bought it herself).  But I did read it, so I thought I’d tell y’all about it.  Now, I don’t expect a whole lot from movie novelizations.  The best part of reading them is finding little tidbits of backstory that were cut from the final script, and this does deliver on that score.  But oh my gosh, y’all, the purple prose!  The speechifying! The dialogue!  It was BAD.  Read the book if you loved the movie, by all means, but be prepared to laugh at what are supposed to be some solemn moments.

I’ve got two more Christmas books to read, which I will write about at a later time.  What have YOU been reading lately?

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  1. Helga

    The last book I read was “Maude”, by Donna Foley. It’s the author’s autobiography of her grandmother, and it is fascinating. I think you would really enjoy it.

  2. All I want for Christmas is books and bath bombs! Really, I’m easy because those things are fairly cheap! I certainly don’t read enough fiction. Thanks for inspiring me to add more of that to my list!

  3. I have a tons of books on my list, too, BUT I always ask for clothes, since that’s about the only time I’m able to aquire new, good-quality things in this season of my life:) I also LOVE yummy-smelling lotion and Tyler candles for Christmas. And Kindle gift cards:)

  4. Still working on an actual Christmas book – A Jane Austen Christmas.
    I just finished reading Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz and The Big Short by Michael Lewis. Eclectic, no? 😀 What’s next? Too many to choose from!
    I often ask for bookstore or Amazon gift cards as a gift because my wish list is always just so very long…

  5. Allison (

    I need to find a few good books to read over the winter. Thanks for sharing your book reviews. I like fiction, although I probably could use that book on tidying up!

  6. Kim@VanIsleView

    I am still working on my Christmas books too. I usually just ask for a gift card to my local bookstore, but opening up books is always nice too. I just finished reading Orphan Train, and really enjoyed it!

  7. Now that i am blogging I feel I don’t have time to read anything ut blog posts. i ordered a book written by a blogger i like and have yet to open it! I have read a couple books anbout poop accidents, but nothing enjoybale!

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