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Linking up today with my friend Christina of Handmaid Embroidery to give anyone who is interested a peek into what’s going on around here this week!

Going:  Just returned from an awesome trip to Notre Dame to visit middle child (and middle son!) Teddy/Theo for Junior Parents Weekend, and planning a trip with John and the “little kids” (not so little anymore but that’s what we call them here) to Chattanooga for the upcoming Spring Break.

Cooking:  Whatever will keep people’s stomachs full at the moment as we are at the tail end of the groceries.  Last night it was bacon and burgers.  Tonight maybe brats?  Chili and stew are both in the future. 🙂

Reading:  Lots and lots of internet articles on the election because we are a little obsessed with that sort of thing around here.  Just finished Six of Crows and working on my friend Crystal‘s Con Job.

Wanting: At the moment, my second cup of coffee!

Loving: The signs of the impending arrival of spring: the scattering of crocuses and the lone daffodil in my front yard, the redbuds I saw blooming yesterday afternoon, the singing of the frogs in the creek behind our neighborhood.

Thinking:  About last night’s 10th GOP debate, Super Tuesday, William’s high school registration, the taxes, and all the office billing I need to catch up on today.

Working on:  Trying to catch up on my sorely neglected blogging/social media tasks!  It’s been three Fridays (at least!) since I’ve managed to properly take care of my weekly Twitter responsibilities.  I owe three reviews for free products I was given in exchange for my honest opinion.  And I would really like to write about lots of other things but feel like I need to get all of that out of the way first.

That’s it for this week!  You can visit other links (or link up yourself if you like) right here!


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