I got a new car a few months ago–new to me anyway!  In our family, you generally don’t get rid of a paid-for car until it is more expensive to keep fixing it than to give in and buy another one (or unless, of course, it gets burned in a fire.).

John surprised me with this car (which he happened upon at a friend’s used car dealership).  I was driving a Honda Odyssey that I had not had for very long.  But he knew that I had been wanting a Toyota Sienna for years–and this one was even the color I preferred (you don’t often get to pick your favorite color when you are buying used!).  Jake needed a car badly, so we passed the Odyssey down to him.

Typically, my cars are pretty messy and dirty.  Because for years I’ve been driving five kids around and letting them eat things, and some of them are slobs who leave stuff everywhere.  And then the boys started driving, and sometimes I had to share my car with them, and they were not always as conscientious as they might have been about removing their debris before returning the car!

So far, I have managed to keep the interior of this car clean.  I mean, I don’t vacuum it or anything, but I pick up all the trash and make people bring their belongings inside.  Not really hard now that I mostly only have two kids in it.  But it has been getting dustier and dustier, and every time I get in the car I think to myself that I should do something about that.

My regular readers might remember that last year I did a review and giveaway of a product from e-cloth.  I loved the product and am impressed with the company.  Their products will allow you to clean without using any harmful chemicals.  That’s right–the special fibers in their products trap dirt, dust, and even germs without using anything other than water.  In many cases you don’t even need the water!

I’m still very happy with my Flexi-Edge, and I was excited to hear that e-cloth had branched out with e-auto and was sending me some items to try on my car in exchange for my honest opinion.  I received the Interior Car Cleaning Kit, which included a Water Atomizer, a Car Cleaning Cloth, a Storage/Laundry Bag, and a Glass and Chrome Cloth.

Glass and Chrome Cloth

Car Cleaning Cloth

Here is some of what e-cloth has to say about these products:

  • The Car Cleaning Cloth quickly and easily removes dirt, grime and grease from all vehicle surfaces better than other cloths with less effort.
  • e-auto cloths have 1.6 million fibers square inch.
  • Using e-cloth’s unique fiber technology with water, the Car Cleaning Cloth breaks up and holds dirt, grime and grease which normal cloths leave behind.
  • Quickly and easily removes dirt and road grime from bodywork, lights, trim, chrome and glass.
  • Clean with just water saving you time and money – will also perform well with a little bit of your regular cleaning liquid.
  • Use the Glass and Chrome Cloth to produce a perfect smear-free, lint-free and polished finish on windshields, glass, chrome and mirrors using just water.
  • Use the cloth dry on a dampened surface to remove light grease and finger marks and to dry to a perfect, smear-free, polished finish.
  • Both cloths are guaranteed for 300 Machine Washings.
  • The Glass and Chrome Cloth’s advanced microfibers can potentially remove wax/polish from the car body, especially residue that would harbor dirt and bacteria. It will not remove or impact the protective paint finish.

Here’s where I get to share my experience–and it was a good one!  The Car Cleaning Cloth picked up every bit of dust off the interior surfaces of my car with no water at all.  The Glass and Chrome Cloth left the windows smear-free (it did a BETTER job than Windex and paper towels and left no lint behind!).  I’m going to be keeping the cloths and the atomizer in their handy storage bag in my car, and I will use them regularly from now on.

Would you like to win some e-auto products of  your own?  While the component parts of the kit I reviewed are still available from e-cloth (at extremely reasonable prices!), they no longer package them as a kit.  So this giveaway will be for the Car Cleaning Kit.

ecloth car cleaning

  • Kit includes one (1) each: Dual Action Mitt – 10” x 6.75”, Dry & Shine Cloth – 16” x 24”, and Glass & Chrome Cloth – 20” x 16”
  • e-auto Dual Action Mitt’s Orange “soft-fingered” side will quickly handle all the tough initial cleaning and get into hard to reach areas, and the smooth grey side is for general and spot cleaning.
  • e-auto Dry & Shine Cloth is used after the e-auto Dual Action Mitt – use dry on the wet body, glass and shiny surfaces for the perfect water mark free, polished finish.
  • e-auto Glass & Chrome Cloth produces a perfect smear-free, lint-free and polished finish on windshields, glass, chrome and mirrors using just water.

There are many ways to enter the giveaway by clicking the link below:

Car Cleaning Kit Giveaway by e-cloth

Open to US residents over the age of 18 only.  Giveaway ends at midnight on 4/18/2016.  I was provided with products in return for my honest review; as always, my opinions are my own.

To learn more about e-cloth, check them out at the links below:

e-cloth website







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