Adoramapix Offer (Sponsored)

Y’all may remember that not long ago I shared a review of some items I received from AdoramaPix.  If you didn’t read it, here’s the summary:  I loved them.

Now I have another opportunity (because I’m a U.S. Family Guide Blogger) to sample another of their products and share my thoughts with you.  As usual, this opportunity for me includes one for you as well:  a coupon that you can use to order the same item I’ll get for free (in exchange for my HONEST opinion).

You can give AdoramaPix a try now, or maybe you want to wait until I post my review.  The offer will be available for awhile.

So here’s the scoop (what the company wants me to share with you):

Your memories deserve more than a lifeless screen! Breathe life into your photos and turn them into beautiful keepsake photo books that will last for generations. AdoramaPix’s custom books are high quality and display your images in rich detail. Choose from gorgeous linen, hardcover and leather covers as well as 6 stunning paper finishes. Stop swiping and start printing your family memories with AdoramaPix photo books!


I’m pretty excited about this offer because 1) I already have experience with this company and am confident I will like the product and 2) Like many of you, I’m sure, I have a bunch of pictures on my computer which I have never printed out and am never likely to without an excuse like this one!

Here’s the offer for my readers:

15% off photo books. Use code: PhotoBook15. Sale ends 11/05/2016 11:59 PM EST

Shop Here: AdoramaPix PhotoBook Offer

Check back in a few weeks to here what I thought about my photobook!


0 thoughts on “Adoramapix Offer (Sponsored)

    1. Fair criticism, Phyllis. Here’s the deal: I can barely find the time to write these days because of family responsibilities. Obviously if I’m offered an opportunity to do a sponsored post, I HAVE to do it because I received something in exchange. So I manage to make the time. Plus these posts are quick and easy to write compared to the ones that are heavy on pictures or require historical research or even deep thought. I miss writing posts like that. I wish you didn’t feel like I was selling things though. I don’t get compensated if you buy anything I’ve reviewed or use my discount. I’m only offering my
      Honest opinion in exchange for whatever benefit I’ve received. I’m sorry that I have not been able to produce the kind of content that I used to before life overwhelmed me. 🙁

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