I decided recently to update and re-release some of my pro-life posts in honor of Respect Life Month.  In order to make them easier for new readers to find, I’m including links to them here.

I hope to continue to add to this page so that it will eventually contain one post for each day of the month.

Pro-Life or Anti-Abortion (a reprint of the first column I ever wrote for the East Tennessee Catholic)

What’s in a Name (a post explaining the name of and original purpose of this blog)

It’s a Baby, Stupid: Why Personhood Is Moot in the Abortion Debate (I think the title of this one speaks for itself!)

Grace Through Suffering (a post focusing on abortions for fetal abnormalities)

What Is a Baby? (a post focusing on the effects of normalizing abortion for fetal abnormalities)

Whose Judgment? (a post about who decides when a baby is a baby)

The Secret to a Happy Life (a post about what it ISN’T)

Can We Talk about Abortion? (a post attempting to do just that!)

The Exception That Proves the Rule (a post about those exceptions for rape and incest)

Not This Woman’s Issue (a post on the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade)

Thinking  outside the Box:  Ten Pro-Life Groups That May Surprise You (a post about non-Republican, non-conservative pro-life groups)

Got Baby? (a post on some of the unintended consequences of an abortion mentality)

Brave New World (a post on abortion for gender selection)

Fetal Tissue Harvest (a post about Planned Parenthood and the dehumanization of the unborn)

Who Gave You Life? (a post wondering how we went from thinking of babies as gifts to something we are owed)

Illegal or Unthinkable (a post about my take on how to end abortion)

Please feel free to bookmark this post to check for additions–and share it with anyone you feel might benefit from it.


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