Let’s Get Healthy (But We Won’t Call It a Resolution!)

There’s just something about a new year, isn’t there?  It feels fresh and new and full of possibilities.  Hence the talk of resolutions and the increase in gym membership purchases!

I am reluctant to commit to something so definite and portentous as resolutions any more.  Not sticking to them seems like failure and who needs more reasons to feel bad?

Still, I can’t deny that some of the good health habits I worked so hard to form a few years ago have become somewhat less habitual. And a new year is as good a time as any for taking stock and making some changes.  I’m still lighter and healthier and stronger than I was before my healthy journey began, but let’s just say that pie has a lot of carbs, and that we don’t hike every weekend any more.  And I’ve got a BIG birthday coming up this year (gulp!), and I’d like to feel healthier and stronger by then.

So I’m going back to the gym and walking and healthy eating, but I’m not calling it a resolution.  In case you are feeling like doing something similar, here’s what I am going to do.  For the rest of this month I am going to reshare posts I’ve written on health, low carb eating, recipes, and hiking, to help motivate myself and anyone else who could use some motivation!  If you want to see what I’m sharing, follow Life in Every Limb on Facebook and be sure to check “see first” so you don’t miss any posts.

Happy New Year and good luck to you on your resolutions or goals for the year or whatever you wish to call them!  Tell me about them in the comments, if you want.


0 thoughts on “Let’s Get Healthy (But We Won’t Call It a Resolution!)

  1. I look forward to your articles the duration of this month! Like you, I don’t like to make physical health-related resolutions, because inevitably, I will have a flare up in my autoimmune disorder, and that leads to me laying low for a while. Then, if it’s a “resolution,” I beat myself up for not sticking to it – when, logically, I couldn’t!

  2. Hi Leslie, I have been on a health improvement plan for the last two years. I don’t see it is a resolution, it is more like part of a life plan to be healthier. I just got tired of feeling sick and tired all the time. It is an ongoing effort though, and I find I can’t turn my back on my goals for long or I go off completely. I have no doubt you can stick to it if you decide to.

    1. That’s exactly it. It’s like you stop for a day or two and you are a couch potato again. I know that’s an exaggeration–I am still in better shape than I was–but I wish it weren’t so easy to lose progress. How has it been going for you?

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