I thought about having a blog for years before I finally started one.  My first attempt had exactly two entries.  Nothing I thought of saying seemed important enough to share with the internet.  I would stare at my screen, paralyzed, and the words would not come.

Maybe it was because I had another outlet for my writing back then–I was a columnist for the local Catholic newspaper.  My column was the original Life in Every Limb, a name I borrowed from a Wordsworth poem.  I wrote about abortion, assisted reproductive technology, birth control, the death penalty, war, and everything in between–anything that could fall under the umbrella of life issues.  Sometimes, as I racked my brain before my deadline trying to come up with a fresh approach, I would wish I could write about parenting, or marriage, or some other topic.

Well, you know what they say about being careful what you wish for!  One day my column was axed without warning.  I launched this blog, planning to feature my old columns, continue to write on life issues, and maybe branch out to other topics.

I’ve ended up branching out quite a bit over the nearly seven years I’ve been writing.  I’m told I should pick a niche and stick to it, but that’s not me and that’s not this blog.  If I have a recipe I want to share, I will.  If I go on a vacation or a hike or visit a graveyard and take pretty pictures, I want to be able to show them to you.  If I get a free product in exchange for my honest opinion, or have the opportunity to read an advance copy of a book in order to review it, I will do that here as well.  I write about politics, education, religion, parenting–in short, as I state on my Facebook page, I write about whatever matters to me.

In the main, I blog for two reasons.  One is very personal.  In an extremely busy and other-centered life, blogging is the one thing I do on a regular basis that I don’t HAVE to do.  If I could be doing anything at any time, if I had no other responsibilities to fulfill, I would be blogging.  I love it.  I love writing, I love social media, I love participating in blog hops and linkups and blogger groups.

The other reason is that I consider blogging a ministry of sorts.  Not the recipes or the sponsored posts, of course.  But when I try to educate or persuade, when I share what I perhaps arrogantly consider my bit of wisdom on various issues, that’s what it feels like to me.  Time and again, when issues arise that are important to me, I find myself inspired and excited and writing more posts.

And I was confirmed in my definition of blogging as mission a couple of years ago when the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops put out a statement saying this: The Catholic Church in America is blessed with an immense number of writers, producers, artists, publishers, filmmakers, and bloggers employing all the means of communications—both old and new media—to expound and teach the faith. They too have a critical role in this great struggle for religious liberty. We call upon them to use their skills and talents in defense of our first freedom.

While the Bishops’ statement specifically concerned religious freedom, I don’t think it’s a stretch to conclude that they would approve and encourage any attempt of the part of a Catholic blogger to write in truth about whatever aspect of the faith.  With marching orders straight from the hierarchy of the Church, is it any wonder I continue to blog?

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