My True Feelings about Confession

So today’s post is brought to you courtesy of the Catholic Women’s Blogger Network.  It’s part of our monthly blog hop and I totally would not be writing it if it weren’t.
Because here’s where I peek out from under my somewhat ill-fitting Catholic blogger hat and admit that my true feelings about Confession are a mixture of guilt and discomfort.  I hate that but it’s the truth.
I wrote the whole story here if you want to read it.  When did I write it?  A little over four years ago, which is the last time I went to Confession.
I can’t tell you how I long for the days when we were marched regularly into the cafeteria of St. Joseph School, with no advance warning or choice in the matter, and told that we were going to confession in the dark little closet where Father Henkel waited.  I’d stand in a red plaid line, leaning against the radiator for warmth and secretly wondering about how long certain people were taking.  Before I knew it I was all finished, back on the hard wooden kneeler saying two Our Fathers and one Hail Mary, and my soul was white as snow.
Clearly this is the Lent of hard things for me with lessons to be learned, and if I am really paying attention it would seem that this is one of them.  Will I go to our parish’s upcoming Lenten penance service and find a friendly priest in the basement to hear my uncomfortable and unprofessional recitation of sins? Only time will tell.
To read more reflections on the Sacrament of Confession, click the image below.
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  1. At times, I have found comfort in going to Confession to our local chaplains – it’s like, since they *know* me, personality wise, they understand when my thoughts ramble (even if I do take a list in with me). Other times, I just need to go to a civilian parish, where the priest in the Confessional doesn’t know me at all… truly anonymous…
    But, I’ve found the best guidance and penance I have been given are by the ones that know me, and know my family. I used to go to a Confession at a civilian parish where they didn’t know me (because the time worked out better for my schedule), and every time, the priest reminded me (in a long explanation) how much God loves me, and we all sin, and God still loves me. Our chaplains have never mentioned that to me, since they know that I am more than vocal about how God loves us – since they see me cramming that line down my kids’ throats. 😜
    So, I would encourage you to try a Penance Service – if not at your parish, another one! Also, many parishes throughout the country (HI, VA, and GA) bring in priests from neighboring parishes so that way, if you don’t want to see your regular priest, you have more of an option – and, cuts the lines shorter that way, by having more priests on hand! (Although, during penance services, you may have a flashback to your high school days…🤔)

    1. I can see how a generate response would not be as helpful as a personal one, and I am sure going more frequently helps to firm that kind of relationship as well. At the moment my intention is to go to the Lenten Penance Service, where there will be all kinds of priests to choose from. 🙂

  2. Confession takes courage. Even though you can be aware that God already knows, sometimes it’s harder to get it out of your mouth to God and priest. Prayers that you are able to attend your parish service. <3

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